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Rock and water is a psycho-physical teaching program for boys and girls in primary school, secondary school, youth work, mental care and for children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Rock and Water program was developed by Dutch educator and author Freerk Ykema, and has been taught to over 15,000 teachers and youth workers in Australia since 1998. Today, more than 35,000 teachers in 14 countries have trained approximately 2 million students.

Rock and Water Eastern Australia delivers the Rock and Water training programs in NSW, ACT and Tasmania, in partnership with the Gadaku Institute and Freek Ykema.

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Rock and Water is an evidence based program.

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Freerk Ykema

Freerk Ykema, Founder and Director Gadaku Institute

Brian Hayes
Master Trainer

Brian Hayes , Director of Lighthouse Education, in partnership with Gadaku Institute.


  • Thankyou for your enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the 3 Day program. I found myself overcoming my initial fears and doubts regarding my abilities and was pleasantly surprised. I can see the power of the program working beautifully with the girls at our school. My colleagues and I look forward to sharing this with the girls. I think it will make a huge difference towards building resiliency.
    Madeleine Grimes, Counsellor, Brigidine College
  • Absolutely awesome! Best TPL day I have ever been to! It was presented clearly and demonstrated in a way that was relevant to both senior and primary education. As a participant I gained lots of knowledge and ideas that I can take back to my school and start implementing. I recommend this to every school. It is a program that WILL make a difference towards creating a better tomorrow.
    Brock Janssen, Teacher, Nambucca Heads High School
  • This program is incredibly empowering and relevant to my vocation advocating for vulnerable students. It has also given me a unique opportunity to reflect on my own basis and centre. I am grateful that I now have these Rock and Water skills to teach to my own three children. Resilience is the key and I value the focus the course places on the power of human connectedness. Thankyou Brian. You are an incredible facilitator, a humble example, and an inspiring mentor. This is the best professional learning I have had the chance to participate in.
    Rebecca Tibbey, Teacher, Special Education, Evans River School
  • This was without doubt the most highly relevant and engaging PD I have done. It was relevant to me across a number of areas- for my own classroom practice as a Drama teacher and in my own day to day work on conflict resolution as a Head Teacher Welfare. I see this work as invaluable to children across all age levels. The practical activities are engaging and the links back to emotional and personal connections and belonging are wonderful.  
    Emma Hibbert, Lumen Christi Catholic College
  • The facilitator of the program, Master Brian Hayes, provided an amazing insight into the Rock and Water concepts. His presentation style promoted an inclusive and thought provoking environment. He provided the participants with the skills and confidence to implement the Rock and Water program in an educational setting.
    John Matthews, Teacher, Hunter School of Performing Arts
  • Brian,s passion, enthusiasm and expertise of Rock and Water is second to none! The way the course is presented in it's theoretical and practical components ties in well together and keeps stimulation of participants high. After completing this course I will be encouraging my school to get all staff Rock and Water trained so the skills I teach the kids can be followed up and supported back in the classroom, in the playground and in all other facets of school life. Thanks Brian for all your hard work, enthusiasm and light humour to make the past 2 days so enjoyable and beneficial.
    Courtney Statos, Teacher, St. Thomas Catholic School
  • Thankyou Brian for a thoroughly enjoyable but also inspiring and thought provoking workshop. We have taken an amazing array of ideas, strategies and language back to our students. Your willingness to share, your enthusiasm, ideas and resources breeds a willingness to keep pursuing Rock and Water as a way of life for our community and for our students. I am looking forward to investing our energies into the program and to see our students grow.
    Daniel Gillett, Teacher
  • With 40 years of martial arts training and almost 30 years of teaching I thought I knew most of this stuff already and had been using some of the techniques ad hoc. The structure of Rock and Water and the lesson layouts will give me whole new vehicle to help my students in a much more structured and formal manner. Brian's knowledge and passion for Rock and Water has truly inspired me to take this forward with my students and in my school community. Thankyou!
    Dieter Opfer, Teacher, High School
  • An absolutely outstanding program delivered in the most professional manner. Our group was totally absorbed in the program due to Brian's personable manner, his passion, and his understanding of the challenges young people face. The program provided us with the knowledge to establish a solid connection with who we are, both from a physical and emotional sense. This program is extremely powerful for the development and well-being of all young people. It has the potential to recue lives!
    Doug North, Head teacher
  • Fantastic to have the facilitator, Brian, to develop the exercises for everyday classroom structures. He is strong, grounded and disciplined in his delivery. This is excellent role-modelling for us. Thankyou. Brian's life skills are valuable in this. It reminds us that we all bring skills and experiences in to our work that are valuable but not always valued. He created a positive environment so that we could participate fully.
    Kimberley Davenport, Teacher
  • I have been enduring PD for 18 years, and I can unequivocally state that this is without a doubt the greatest course I have been to. The blend of practice and theory had me constantly pondering upon when I get back to school that I will be able to make a great difference on the current situation and the future direction of the students in my charge. The way you presented with such knowledge, humour, real world experience and, most importantly, respect, led me to be centred and aware of what Rock and Water can do for members of our society. You have brought centredness and focus to my life. God bless. Holy Family Primary, Gowrie 2012
    Brendan Mowlam , Teacher
  • Brian is a sincere and genuine person. His passion for the Rock and Water concepts is well received by a very diverse group of staff. His understanding of social justice issues is notable and the application of the Rock and Water program in an Edmund Rice Catholic School strongly supports the ethos and cultural characteristics of such schools. Outstanding! St. Joseph’s Nudgee College 2012
    Mannie Navarrao, Head Teacher